Establish your presence with the All-in-One Online Presence Bundle

Bundle Includes
Whether you’re a start-up or established business, we’ll help you build or uplift your brand identify. Branding will not only help set you apart from the competition but it’s also the secret to loyal customers and employees.
Good copywriting is necessary for UX to create interest and loyalty in potential customers because all they need is useful and trust-worthy information about your business. With our bundle, we’ll take care of the site-map creation and content writing, to convert your website visitors into customers.
Reliable Web hosting is an essential part of building a website. We’ll take care of your domain name registration, hosting and business emails’ creation.
Our talented UI/UX experts will create visually appealing, responsive, web designs that look good on any screen and are tailored specifically for your business. Our team can help your business improve the user experience of its site, which leads to more traffic, online sales, and phone calls.
Our social media experts are ready to take your business to the next level! We’ll create and enhance your accounts for a perfectly-branded, integrated presence on the major networks. We’ll manage the account, post regularly and use the best social media advertising practices.
The only Bundle that will help you Design, Build and Promote your Online Presence.
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Codendot is a Web Solution Provider and Mobile App Development company, founded in 2007. Codendot is supported by a group of passionate experts in Website development, Mobile application development, Graphic Design, SEO, website design, Digital marketing and more. Our team is dedicated to employing the best practices to get our clients’ businesses online and in front of their potential customers. We’d love to serve your business next!
We’d love to serve your business next!
Why choose this Bundle
The Codendot All-in-One Online Presence Bundle builds your entire web presence up to a baseline of best practices, to create the essential foundation for digital marketing. This bundle includes professional Branding, Web Design & Development, Copywriting, Hosting, Social Media Marketing, mobile optimization and creation of a digital marketing strategy. We’ll provide all the necessary tools to optimize your online presence, increase your visibility and drive business.
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